About the course

The future of work is here - and it definitely looks different from what work looked like a decade ago. We created this course in an effort to show all the Atlancers coming on board how they can navigate their work life while making sure they are meeting their personal goals, sticking to their values and staying true to themselves. It’s a new way to approach work rather than a lesson on how to do it!

Who is this course for?

If you are someone who is looking to take their career to the next level or are simply just starting out in the workspace - we believe this course has something valuable to offer for anyone.

It coaches you on how to create your own personal brand and how to work with your clients by creating a space for inspiration and great ideas to come to life.

This course is a compilation of all our learnings gathered here at @ that have helped us tremendously in our work throughout the years.

Meet your instructor

Eden has been a creative strategist with At for over 2 years and is experienced in a variety of fields like writing, PR, social media management, and marketing.

Using her learnings and the team's, she has curated this course with the intention of helping freelancers find their passion and express their talent. As someone who has let the pressure of client work get to her in the past, Eden hopes that this course can help others approach work in a way that’s healthy and inspirational rather than stressful and worrisome!

This course is closed for enrollment.